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A) Rather good rock group popping up everywhere in Spring 2004

B) Sexual position where two ladies slot their legs either side of each other in order that they can grind front bot-bots together. Yummy.
That new scissor sisters album is so cool.

Britney and Christina as scissor sisters.. mmmm, pass me a kleenex.
by matt-leics April 15, 2004
Two lady rug munchers decide to rug rub by opening up their legs and sliding into each others V till their vaginas meet and then go for gold!
Two of the ladies bean flicking team crept to a quiet outpost and duly slid between each others legs and rubbed the good rub.
by Fountain of Knowledge July 07, 2005
A sexual act involving 2 women enabling them 2 grind pussies against each other. They need 2 interlock their legs, like scissors. Scissor sisters.
They dont need men, they're scissor sisters.
by Lilcubez April 09, 2008
The female version of a butt-buddy. Two female friends who spend time with each other in excessive amounts.
Jill and Sara spend so much time with each other that they're scissor-sister(s)!
by John Clarkersoner April 23, 2010
The best up and coming band of 2004. Set to do great things in 2005. Their album has went to number one many times and was the biggest selling album of the year.
Hits include:

Take your mama
Comfortably numb (cover)
The best song off the album is track 10 titled 'It can't come quickly enough'.
by Apricot-sunrise January 07, 2005
A woman who enjoys engaging in oral sex with another woman; a carpet muncher.
Ruth was a certified scissor sister.
by sala January 17, 2003
1. A band that bastardized the song Comfortably Numb and is attempting to bring disco back.
2. The last sign of the apocalypse.
The scissor sisters will enrage the gods and frost giants thus provoking them both into battle with eachother therefor bringing forth Ragnarok.
by Red and Brown Grass Rat December 12, 2004
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