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A bunch of hollywood actors that like to set trends while they really don't care what any of it means as long as they think they look cool talking about it and doing it. If they really belived in something they would'nt be getting Divorced every other month and getting hooked up with the next big actor.
Tom cruze is a Scientologist he also jumps on chairs freakin out oprah and the world what a cock sucker.
by tube666 November 21, 2006
A fat retard that is owned by oprah. He sounds like Mr.Macky from south park mmmmm k. This BUM was found in the back woods of insestville banging sheep while telling them to share their feelings. Has no clue about life or the fact his so called wife is bangin their son Jay that is not his son but his daddys. Likes gay porn and drinkin beer. on the top 10 list of most likely to die from std's.
Sucks oprah's dick to stay on the air.
Did you see dr. phil suck oprahs dick today?
by tube666 November 17, 2006
A person that lives on the streets smells like ass runs at your car while you are stoped at a red light baggin on your window got any change? or they run up and half ass clean the windshild with a squgee and muddy water makein a mess of your car. They sit around with signs sayin will work for food while drinkin mad dog or boones farm they never make any sence when they talk and they always call you buddy. They sleep in boxs,dumpsters,park benchs with a paper over their face. They crap in allyways,gas stations,your sidewalks,the street and hardly ever wipe their ass.
That fuckin bum just splashed muddy water all over my clean window.
by tube666 November 21, 2006
Retarted americans that shoot guns belive in the kkk drink booze all the time. Fuck sheep missing most all their teeth drive crappy trucks with big tires while fuckin their sister. Their hobbys are let's see who stinks worse, shoot the skunk, eat roadkill, don't wipe your ass cause it's fun,taste grandmas pussy,hold up a wal-mart,lets not cut the lawn,leave trash for the coons so we can eat em,my dad is really grandpa,burn the outhouse cause it full,yahoo elvis,and what is it.
great a fuckin hillbilly moved next door guess ill be listing to a bango 24-7.
by tube666 November 17, 2006
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