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The difference of opinion between scientific schools of thought.
A: Well, I'm glad we all finally agree that the beginning of everything hinges soley on the 'Big Bang' theory.
B: Hold on there, Poindexter! I think we have found ourselves in a position of 'science friction'. You see, I subscribe the the time's arrow school of thought.
by Bryan Gilbreath October 22, 2010
1. To get laid when not Expecting it.
2. Using a Gyrotational hip-movement technique in response to and guided by the minute vocalizations and squirms of the female species.
"We just started talking and all of the sudden it became science friction"

"Science Friction is more of an art than an actual science." " I had a bad night last night. My Science Friction Was off like Gobachev.
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
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