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The vaginal secretions crystal-like formations that set in on the outer skin of the penis after a long, hard nites sex.
"I should ov taken a shower LAST night. I woke up this morning with sarah's dry ice on me."
by Audiodamned November 20, 2003
When your flow is way out of tune or just simply too outdated to function in todays upbeat social enviroment.
"Usually i am pretty damned good when it comes to driving 80 mph down curvy residential streets, but the night I hit that tree I was completely Off Like Gobachev!"
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
The upward migration of the venus mound on a woman that has had many lovers. Usually very noticably on a woman who enjoys rough or pounding missionary position intercourse.
"You can really tell how she likes her intamacy... I mean with that Hump Hill protruding like a pot belly and all."
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
Trying to make someone look Stupid in order to feel better about yourself.
"Why do you have to be doping for glory on me?"
by Audiodamned November 20, 2003
1 v. To cause serious damage to ones physical person.

2 v. To engage in a traditional ass beating.
1. I will be forced to Hang Blood on your stupid ass.

2. They were just playing around when all of the sudden they starting Hanging Blood on each other.
by Audiodamned April 20, 2004
1. To get laid when not Expecting it.
2. Using a Gyrotational hip-movement technique in response to and guided by the minute vocalizations and squirms of the female species.
"We just started talking and all of the sudden it became science friction"

"Science Friction is more of an art than an actual science." " I had a bad night last night. My Science Friction Was off like Gobachev.
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
1.To put a person that is unworthy of respect out of your mind completely.
2. To accidently(or intensionally) forget about an engagement that you should've have attended.
"Pete... why don't you just shelve that bitch. She's not worth it."

"Damn! I was supposed to go to that interpol show last night but I had to shelve it because trish was going also."
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
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