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Derogatory term used to describe the blax. Gained popularity when a Philly radio show led by Kidd Chris repeatedly played a song by Lady Gash referencing schwoogies. Kidd Chris and the other members involved in the incident were terminated two months later after an "investigation." Here are the lyrics to said song:
Coloreds steal your wallets and coloreds have pink feet. Coloreds are loud and obnoxious, when they watch movies. Sticky fingers, what they are, Always try to jack my car, Schwoogies! Or shines, you can call them anything you like. Schwoogies! Watch out, jigs will rob you, day or night. Schwoogies. Mookie doesn't like to work, Just rolls blunts all day long. But there's one job he can do, hold a lantern on my lawn. If someone else has your watch on, you can bet it's a moolignon. Shwoogies! All Around, there's Sambos, monkeys, knuckle draggers, So much brown Mandingo, Go Mr. Bojangles.
by fennec2009 May 21, 2008
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