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the epitome of a douchebag. he is "that" guy at the bar. a man that always lied about his age. claiming to be younger than he really is by ten years. a man who is obsessed with former girlfriends, and puts endless hours into making sure that he can say, " i still wanna be friends, even if that includes hanging out with you and your new boyfriend." the "stalker". the guy who drives down your street with his lights off in the middle of the night. the guy who is bad in bed and then wants to "just cuddle and spoon the rest of the night".
female: um, yeah i gotta be up for work really early, so i'll just call you tomorrow.
schweave: well, i ah, was planning on staying the night, so that i could make you breakfast and or massage your back in the morning.
female: uh-huh, yeah that's not really necessary.
schweave: okay, well, ill just sleep in my jeep in the driveway if you change your mind.
by Half the women in Louisville August 10, 2010
almost, kinda, maybe sort of; Opposite of absolute. Also, the power to be socially invisible. It is a noun, verb and adjective.
Are you coming or not? Maybe. Man, you are such a Schweave.

Dude, stop Schweaving. Decide already.

Man, the was a Schweaveque way to blend into the crowd.
by Half of the people in Louisville September 16, 2005

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