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shitty weed. Always brown in color, containing 40% "marijuana" if thats what you want to call it 60% stems and seeds. It tastes like you're smoking mulch, and gives you a headache and a high that takes 100 points off of your I.Q. which is best cured with the unavoidable nap that comes with smoking schwagg.
You must have gotten this schwagg from Mr.Crackhead Magee from the laundry mat, its the bomb!
by TCamper August 02, 2005
shitty weed that, when broken up, hairs, seeds, and stems need to be picked out and discarded. it is usually shipped in bricks and sold at a discount. it makes you stupid and smells like shit while being smoked.
brownishgreenwithseedsstemsandhairs weed=schwagg

"do you have anything"

"just my parents schwagg"

"fuck, get the papers"
by johnlf January 24, 2008
Of poor quality
Well, that all-cello band's rendition of Lady Gaga's new hit sure was schwagg. Not sure we should have spent $37 on tickets.
by imjimsmith July 14, 2011
shitty weed
dude just sold me a bag of schwagg, this shit sucks
by Ian's Bigg Ass February 24, 2010
Means to have fail-rhythmed, tripped up, white gurl schwagg.

A more epic version of "swagg".
Dude, she has so much schwagg, I think I might choke. CHOKE.
by KezzyMcNeezy October 06, 2010
If Something Is Really Tite or nice You say Schwagg!!!
by CptnBpony December 23, 2010
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