Usually pressed by Mexican smugglers to evade the border patrol, often seedy, stemy, or in brick form. Very cheap in price, very low in quality and often smells like poop. Back yard boogie, down town dirty brown, black bear, bad bear, schwag schweezy, poop dangle, bag-o-dirt, reggie reg, dirt mcgirt, mean bear,
Surgeons General says: do not smoke schwag for it smells like poop.
by Mokeythebear January 23, 2007
Low level THC weed. The shittiest kind o' weed.
Can't mix the kind with the schwag!
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
Give away promo items procured through working an event. Often used in the stagehand world when working corporate or industrial gigs.
"the load-out was pretty horrific, but the schwag-bag was kinda cool."
by PaulieC May 10, 2005
Really bad herb. You need to smoke tons to get high.
You got ripped off, thats schwag.
by Rock On April 27, 2003
fucking shitty ass weed
this is fuckin schwag!
by kind buddy January 25, 2005
crap weed
I can't believe I paid 30 bucks for this dirt. I'm never buyin' that asshole's schwag shit again.
by busy bone May 22, 2003
a slang term for a low-grade marijuana, known for underdeveloped buds, excessive amounts of seeds, thicker stems and often a relatively low THC content.
Man this weed is schwag, i cant even get high!
by quattlebaum May 29, 2006

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