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Someone who is so full of shit they are wack,
"That (insert name of any politician here) is Schwacked!"
by tzer0 March 19, 2010
2 4
The state of being very intoxicated as a result of Alcohol, Weed, Shisha tobacco, or any combination of the three.

Originated by J Dizzle and Trevizzle in Los Lunas, NM.
Holy shit bro, I'm schwacked.

Last night I got hella schwacked and slept with a fat chick.
by Trevizzle March 02, 2007
25 4
a state of utter disarry; beyond repair; intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol

orig. French
I drank a half a bottle of vodka and I'm totally schwacked!
The computer's hard drive crash and it's completely schwacked
by Ziggy August 17, 2003
18 16