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To masturbate or jack off or spank the monkey.
Guy #1- "I've never masturbated once in my life."

"Dude, whatever!! You know you go home and schwack it like 6 times a day! I seen you!!!"
by Marcos August 29, 2004
To hit someone in the nuts.
He pissed me off, so I schwacked him.
by Jabber September 28, 2003
a word used in times of exterme pleasure, happiness/elation
ex. during a big play at a football game (PSU)
ex. after sinking a shot in beerpong
ex. while fucking a bumpin' biatch
"Schwack, bitch!" (say after you pull your cock out of a womans ass and while "schwacking" her in the face with it)
by The Rediman October 11, 2004
Possessing authority and deserving of respect.
Her excellent presentation to the investors proved she had some schwack.
by TotallyJersey April 24, 2006