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a canadian dog whisperer who shows dogs at shows
ME- "Hey Schultzy, what's wrong with this Beagle?"
Schultzy- "Hmmm.. he seems to be sad, lets put him in a dog show, that will be FABULOUS!!"
by johnnyAvonAZ April 27, 2008
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the name given to a fat unattractive kid who casually likes to tuck his dick between his legs and dance naked in front of a mirror.
ew, colton is doing a schultzy
by freddy eddy April 22, 2009
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An action by someone that disgusts a group of individuals
An act that Disgraces the aforementioned actor

A shitty situation
"did you see that kid throw up 3 mcdoubles into a pile when he got to high man?" "yeah that was so Schultzy"

"Hey did your bro ever pay you back?" "No" "That was pretty Schultzy"

"You can't pay your half of rent and we are getting evicted, man this is Schultzy"
by KxngNaughty October 07, 2016
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