The act of kneeling behind someone while someone else pushes them over you.
Mike just got school boyed by John when Steve kneeled down behind him
by TKEAT May 25, 2009
I have read in many and varied sources that "schoolboy" is street-talk for codeine. Now, somewhere or sometime perhaps it is or was, but not ONCE, as in never, during my reasonably extensive research regarding various street scenes did I ever hear it used. T3s, T4s, codeine...yeah, those one might hear...but schoolboy? Me not think so, unless it is just something pre-1960s and fell out of use.

Dude, I just scored a scrip for T4s 'cause I told the doc my BACK hurt!
(One would NEVER say that one just scored some "school boy.")
by Vico-man December 07, 2005
The narcotic drug Codiene. Usually availible as a hydrochloride salt.
When I was a school boy, we used to drink cough syrup 'cuz it had school boy in it back then. Now it's got that dextro shit in it. That shit'll mess you up!
by DJ Dre Alpha December 04, 2005

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