a building where teachers try and make you conform to their thoughts.
by samuek November 20, 2004
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The Most Highly disliked and hated place in society.

School is a place where you're rights such as using the bathroom,eating,drinking and talking are taken away,(I'm not talking about talking when the teachers talking and teaching,I'm talking about during class time and class work).

In school you learn useless stuff that you will never use in life.You waste 18 years learning stuff you thats useless and stuff you learned before.

Teachers also give test,quizes and homework,Some teachers fail to realize that kids have a life to,like a job,sports, and other activities,Some teachers just give too much homework and too many test and quizes,I'm not saying their shouldn't be any homework but not a whole lot of homework is necessary.

At lunch they give you unfilling,cold,uncooked food and gross food,Like why can't they cook and serve descent filling food?

also some school require school uniforms,because they belive that they improve academic success ,prevent trouble and stop cliques.This is false uniforms will not improve academic success,prevent trouble or prevent cliques.Also what kids wear has nothing to do with their school performance.What kids wear will never effect their learning.

Also,many people say that people who hate or dislike school are uneducated and get bad grades,this is a false statement even people who have straight A's and are in honors classes hate school.

Anybody with eyes and who's intelligent can see and understand why kids hate school!
Man I hate school,I don't see how people don't understand me. It's really simple to understand.
by pepsicola93 August 21, 2010
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An institution within nations that allows for the brainwashing of today's youth.

A prison setup by government officials to lock-up and force children under the legal age of ownership and self-counsel to stay so that they may be brainwashed and forced to live out a hell when they could be having fun.

A centeralized place of shitty education that is unlike a tradeschool where you learn things that you will never again use in life.

A social gathering of idiots who must be there to cause havoc upon the educated minds who wish not to be there.
See Also: Mental institution

A place where you waste a lot of time learning things when you'll just repeat them at an University or Community College.
I wasted most of my life in school so I decided to go to an alternative and graduate early so I wouldn't have to put up with the idiotic, brainwashed, fools of today's American society. I am now learning a trade making more than people who graduate college.
by Kamisama May 04, 2005
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A place where you must deal with work, teachers, events and shithead students all at the same time. The amount of work you get depends on the teacher you have. This is the place where students are treated like 3 year olds, you can't point out your teacher's flaws, talk back, or anything like that, even if the teacher gets completely owned. They come up with some lame excuse/sentence to cover up their wrong, it's sad. And us students have to sit here and put up with the teacher's fucking shit. Half the classes in school are boring as hell. Half the stuff you learn in school won't count for fuck when you're older.

It's like being put in a hellhole for 6 in a half hours, once you get outside, you can breathe.

Overall, school just plain sucks.
At school...

Teacher: Ok kids, I give you permission to talk once you have finished your assignment.

Student: *Finishes work and starts to yak*

Teacher: HEY, YOU! I told you not to talk until you've finished your work! What are you stupid, son?

Student: But I'm finished my work sir...

Teacher: Well then stop talking!

by Alozaps September 28, 2006
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American conspiracy, children are tricked at a young age its the only way the will "suceed" in life. This fake, money based idea of sucess is rediculous. You dont suceed in life by being another victim of society, and having a horribly boring, normal life.

1)Real, useful knowledge is not gained by being drilled into you, yet by life lessons you learn on your own.

2) Everyone is here for a different reaon. Nobody was put here to make money and boost the economy.

3) At school, children are brainwashed in multiple ways. Most prominent is to give in to authorites and not question them. This is to weaken them and allows government more & easier control. Hence children at school are not allowed to express any rebellious actions.

4) Unless you allow yourself to give in to this conspiracy, you cannot get a good job. Hence, the "knowledge" gained at school is so rediculous, especially the math lessons. It is just a filler and side exuse to base the brainwashing on.
God: I put you on earth to help others, and teach the lesson of overcoming troubles.

by Adam K. July 30, 2005
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School Building-
The main stay and homefront of your school. You're probably saying "Isn't the building...jsut it?" well theirs also the Gym which (in my case) isn't technically part of the school It was added on after a large amoutn of time. The school building is usually a shit hole. Those with older schools (such as my own) will realize that summers are unbarebly hot and winters are excrutiatingly cold. Mostly because the school, being an old building, was built without the thought of central air in mind.

For some it can be considered a great place, sometimes a reason to get up in the morning. Others might see it as a building for one solitary job "pure embarassment". Either way you take it, its only their for one period a day...unless you failed (which is just funny) then you have it two periods a day.


Good Guys/Girls-
The teachers that know its okay to bend the rules a bit. If you pulla prank in class they'll laugh. Its hard to piss them off and even when you do they seem to laugh afterwards. They won't writeyou up for being late and they don't seem to be bothered by cursing. Watch out though, if you get on their bad side (which is VERY hard to do) you're going to have to go through 3 months of appeasement before they trust you again.

Fuck ups and air heads-
As the name insists, these are the teachers that always seem to fuck you over. They'll tell you they've received your report and than disregard it until after report cards go out. You'll realize you've gotten a D in english because that fucking report went missing. Then ask yourself "Didn't I hand in that fucking essay?" Yes, you did. But your teacher, being an ass, forgot it all.

Another personal favorite (insert level of sarcasm here). Those teachers that are out to get you and that will act like good guys/girls than royally fuck you over.

Those Teachers That Need An Operation-
The operation to get the stick removed out of their asses. They come into school with a frown knowing that they have to teach "these stupid fucking kids" again and again til they retire. I don't understand why people would take a profession that revolves around kids if...they hate kids.

Sexist/Racist Assholes-
I've had a few teachers that would favor the girls/boys in class or the blacks/whites/asians/etc... and its a real piss off. You can get an extra five points for the test if you answer the question correctly and you have your hand in the air for fifteen minutes, but all of a sudden the sexist teacher chooses the opposite sex and you're left without those five points...gei.

Principals/Vice Principals- Sometimes you'll get the good guy/girl principal. They let you off with a warning and you skip on your merry way to your next class. But god forbid your Vice Principal catch wind of your mistake. Usually the VP wants the better job and thus will give you the most extreme punishment possible for the slightest infraction. The VP thinks that this is working harder because the prinicipal is basicly doing nothing. Asshole...

Ahh the part i've been waiting for. I get to list the tribes of school and the assholes that possibly tread within each. Shall we start of with a favorite? Yes.

Prep- Bleh. Tastes like slut. Preps are usually in the tightly knit groups of friends that are often rich or upper middle-class and will flaunt the fact that their daddy bought them a new car and alls they had to do was get a D-. Preps are often scene with the jocks/cheerleaders and drink socially with eachother, get drunk easily and ramble on about sports/fashion/or other prep nonsense. Preps often hate everyone else around them and see the other tribes as "wastes" in school. Preps are Numero Uno on the list of death/murder.

The jock, a lover of sports and friends (sometimes) with the preps. THey have little to no intelligence and are often seen in the "hardcore" sports like football or wrestling whilst soccer and fencing seem inadequate to suit their lust for sweat. Though fencing requires a great amount of balance and pure common sense where football is merely the destruction of ones opponent with the force of your own body. Wrestling is merely a sport of guys in spandex which seem to love rolling around with sweaty guys...yum (again, insert sarcasm here.)

The only reason i'm lsiting them together is because they're so similar. Emo kids slit their wrists, goth kids talk about bleeding...you get the picture and comparison. The main difference is that goth kids don't moan or whine about how no one understands them. They too usually stick in neat little bunches of friends. As to where emo kids try to fit in with the preps and skaters merely on the idea that "You guys where tight pants...so do we."

Punk/Metal Kids-
The smell of destruction knows no bounds. Thats what I love about my own tribe. We, just as the other tribes, have our flaws. Though none of them are fatal, because those of who mess with us get a nicely sized combat boot to the back of the neck (CURBSTOMP bitches.)

You know them and love them. The nerds seem to stick around the "outcasts" (punks, mainly because being accpeted by the "popular" assholes would take away from the fact that we're punks and not Preps.) The geeks and nerds and dorks don't always love star trek, they don't always blab about computer parts and they don't always gripe about how this movie used crappy graphics. They're often fun loving people but very frail pale little humans. The lack of sunlight that shines into their room or basement often causes them to appear whiter than white.

Poor nerds...

To finish up Id like to state that "School Sucks" and that curriculum taught at the younger ages is often softened. We were taught that Christopher Columbus found America through an accident and that he became friends with the Natives. Though really he was an asshole slave trader who decided to claim the land as his own. We learned that Abraham Lincoln wasn't the hero of the slaves...he merely wantd to unite the north and south. Abolishing slavery was just an add on. For some reason the school system is softening the blow of learning things...which is stupid. Because in elementary school when you subtracted 3 from 9 you got 6. Now you get -6. Why couldn't they just teach us these things as they came up? Because the school wants to morph us into beings that can't accept the harshened outside world or the society that delivers grief in bulk. They want us to remain hidden and they want to control us. It sounds like such a strange ludacris theory. But tell me its wrong and how softening these blows is going to help the kids out in the long run. Maybe you'll get a cookie for your efforts.
by MoRPHiNe May 20, 2007
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a huge fucking waste of time and effort. half the crap you learn, you just end up forgetting. you are forced to work on pointless worksheets you seen 3 years ago while listening to annoying assholes try to be funny. you never end up being with any classes with your friends. sit by yourself and everyone assumes you are quiet. ususally the classes are filled with fat bitches and assholes that you try to ignore. they talk out in class while you are taking notes so your parents dont beat your ass, and they stop the teacher and bring them to talk about their fucking cats itching problems. half the time you have no fucking idea what is going on from spacing out and fail that test. when you come home all you want to do is sit down and rest but NO theres fucking homework that if you dont finish you will fail. and then your parents will threaten to send you to a fucking private school across the country. and if that doesnt work they will throw your tv out the window/computer down the stairs.
billys dad: where is your homework?
billy: ...oh that..i forgot becuase i was watching the news for civics
(tv crashes through window)
by xtreemlybored September 01, 2008
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