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a place where children are punished for being normal and sensible.
even i am punished many times for eating in class, laughing, talking and even sleeping. thats not fair.
by kul June 11, 2005
a period of time when a person becomes mentally ill, due to unsleepiness and non-hunguriness. this time passes very slowly and it seems this time is never gonna end.
even that time is better that examination time when whole of the family watches news or classic stupid movies.(actually i am forced to watch it although i dont want to)
by kul June 11, 2005
a legal agreement that allows a woman to kill a man by torturing.
i am not experienced but my parents are
by kul June 11, 2005
beauty is simplicity
the more simple you are the more beautiful you are
by kul June 11, 2005
Violin. So called because it gazunder yer chin.
He plays the gazunder like the very devil himself.
by Kul July 24, 2003

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