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The act of sniffing with the loudness and intensity of a wild dog - usually while sniffing a partner's neck or arm or leg in order to ascertain that they are the real thing and not just a clone sent to trick you (which is totally possible in this day and age).
Please stop you're messing up my hair, you don't have to schnuffle me - I promise I'm your wife and not just a replicant.
#clone #sniff #sniffing #smell #smelling #dog
by Sarah Monaghan January 20, 2007
1) A sickeningly-sweet term used by pet-parents for an intense sniffing session, often on another animal (human or otherwise).

2) a fond term for a certain German bunny who makes saccharine music.
1) Awww, look at little Poochy schnuffle Mr. Carrots!

2) Oh no! Poochy ate Mr. Carrots because he wouldn't stop playing Schnuffle Bunny music!
#sniff #inhale #snort #breath #sniffle
by a wolf April 12, 2010
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