(v.) Slang term for fucking.
"I schnogged your mother last night."
"That's a good story."
by Mikey Mike September 12, 2003
Top Definition
A vape, or electric cigarette that turns juice into vapor, or act of using a vape
Yo bro i just copped this new schnog, lets go into the bathroom and use it. Yo bro wanna Schnog?
by Schnog April 05, 2015
A general word used as a noun, verb, or adjective that can be used to mean just about anything. Can especially be used in place of filler words such as "stuff".
"What time do you schnogs want to meet for dinner?'
by KittyAka January 01, 2011
to kiss or make out
Jimmy got caught schnogging with Janet behind the bleachers.
by Shane April 01, 2004
Gathering with specific intent of smoking marijuana.
"Wanna go outside for a schnog?"
by martyv February 22, 2005
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