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- n. When your ski pants get caught underneeth the safety bar and they become impossible to remove. Often occurs from lack of focus or watching other skiers.
"How do you get out of a schniggle?"
"You wiggle"
by Gabe Lewis January 07, 2008
A special sort of dragon . It is a mammal. It has wings and two feet, making it bipedal. It has both the mane of a lion and a horse; around it's neck and along it's spine. A Schniggle can respawn when killed. It is highly intelligent and creative. Preferring a cold climate, a Schniggle's powers diminish in high temperatures. It's call is a high pitched trill, capable of incapitating it's foes. For more information, go to
Bob threw a grenade at the poor helpless Schniggle in the dense, hot, humid jungle. The Schniggle died, but respawned and used it's incapacitating trill on him. While Bob lay curled on the ground helpless, he reflected upon his folly and learned his lesson.
by Schniggle July 02, 2011
To move something irregularly in order to better fit.
He schniggled the key into the rusty lock.
by NORCALBL September 05, 2007
when your ski pants get caught under the bar on a chairlift and become impossible to remove
"How do you get out of a schniggle?"
"You wiggle"
by Gabe Lewis January 12, 2008
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