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A person that is one part schmuck, one part nerd, and one part geek. This person is highly irritating and abrasive, and has embedded himself into a social network or group that he is not welcome in, but is unaware of this fact. Schnergs typically talk at an unreasonable volume, and with improper frequency, usually in unfortunate circumstances and with por results. Getting rid of these people is next to impossible.
Jim keeps following us everywhere we go, telling his bad jokes along the way. Let's ditch this schnerg.
by schnerg August 18, 2007
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plural of schnerg (aka. schnergburgler) literally meaning someone who, despite good intentions, is just not up to par.
(the surest sign of a schnerg is someone who does not realize they are one)

damn! that Simon and Beth are so annoying... i mean, they're nice enough, I guess, but they're total schnergs!
by gnomeking October 15, 2005
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A flergin tergle natzie with a cranz danzle and a little tanzle. Schnergins and blergins and a florkin blatzie.
by Franzi March 23, 2005
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