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Schneider means shoe-maker in German. so it is someone who lives in Germany.. and is trying to make a living by making shoes while running away from the nazi's in the shoes they have made. it is also someone who knows how to pronounce many consonants in a row in a single word, without sounding like a dumbass
Taylor means shoe-maker in English, and Schneider means shoe-maker in German. so sucks if your name is Taylor Schneider

Schneider is pronounced SHHHHneider....NOT ssssssneider
by SOMEONEschneider April 02, 2008
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A handjob given in a school library.
Sarah got caught giving Hunter a Schneider and gave Hunter the nickname "Schneider" for the rest of his life.
by ThatNewDrizzyDrake September 30, 2014
Derived from the handyman on the 70's TV show One Day at a Time, he or she is that goofball friend that makes non-stop wisecracks and doesn't take anything seriously.
Jeff always says such funny shizzle. He is such a schneider.
by KingMotan November 10, 2010
Whilst masterbating, you rub the tip of your penis using your thumb in successive motion.
Guy 1: Hey bro can't believe Kris told me how he masterbates. Supposedly, he just Schneider's lol. Guy 2: He probably has a curved tip ha
by El1Porter August 07, 2014
someone who constantly comments on everything on Facebook, waits watching the screen for new posts then pounces like the post predator he is.
post...hi mum
post back....hi son
the schneider would comment on this "how sweet"
by landy May 08, 2014
Placing a hand into anothers armpit. It is a game to play with friends. When you place your hand in their armpit you say "Schneider!". Similar to tag. The last one to "Schneider" the other wins. There is no time limit. It is just a never ending game of torture. It is primarily meant for unsuspecting victims. Ex: They are reaching for something, not aware they are playing, holding an urn etc. Although forced Schneider-ing IS allowed.
Note:Do not Schneider shirtless people. For obvious reasons.
John is reaching for his phone. Joe sneaks behind John and while shoving his hand into John's armpit shouts "schneider".
by CaveBro June 13, 2012
A girl who likes to accessibly meow in any public establishment.
There goes Schneider again, meow like usual.
by ahoykatiemeowa October 17, 2011

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