When either a female takes her nose and tickles a males scrotum, or another females clitoris, or when a male takes his nose and does the same.
Hey, why don't you schneid me babe?
by Garbba April 04, 2010
Top Definition
Winless, scoreless or hitless, in dating or especially in sports. Used especially when a long loosing streak is broken. Comes from Gin Rummy when if you lose all the hands you have to pay double or get "schneidered."
The 0-8 Detroit Pistons won their first game. Finally they are off the schneid.
by bonerici November 15, 2012
cool, ill, in style, nice, sweet
that derp is so schneid
that girl is so schneid
ur mom is so schneid
by krowkneeklay September 10, 2011
An Alternate to "shit"
Dat be some Mo Foe'in schneid biatch!
by Drunkdirishman August 15, 2003
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