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When someone goes to pound their fist against yours, you move to the side and make a peace sign, and if you look at both hands together, you've made a SCHNAIL! You must yell "SCHNAIL!" when this occurs.

Yours is the head of the snail and the other person is the shell. Therefore: snail + shell = SCHNAIL!
He went to give some love, but instead he got schnailed. SCHNAIL!
by lilchef April 28, 2011
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The holy king of the snails also known as Quay Devoll
Oh Shit!! here comes the Schnail!!
by Rusty Anus October 31, 2003
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Who is this?? Does there happen to be two Quay Devoll's? or are you talking about the kid who lives in Zanesville,OH?
Who the fuck is this?
by Justin December 08, 2003
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