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A generally irritating individual, generally male, that exhibits a verbal display of over-valuing the sound of his/her voice and opinions, and and under-valuing the potential contributions of his/her companion of the moment. Said opinion, developed and expressed on almost everything, is delivered with suggestive or self-serving overtones in order to inflate the orator's opinion of self and/or to garner a sexual experience from the companion. Said conversations tend not to last very long or achieve intended results, unless companion is under the influence of alcohol or other vision/hearing/perception-altering substances. Arising from English "schmoozer" and "douchebag".
Look at shitgrin Derek over there trying to get into CindyLou's pants by talking her up about his dumb Subaru Brat...what a total SCHMOUCHEBAG!!

"No I will not sleep with you, schmouchebag!!"
by notbuyingit August 27, 2013

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