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Schmmfff, Schmmfffing, Schmmfffer, Schmmfffed
n. v. adj. adv. prep.
1. To engage in any type of sexual intercourse.
2. To act wastefully or foolishly.
3. One who has reached veteran status.
4. A continuous act of kinky unordinary events.
5. Used to express anger, disgust, or impatience.
1. Lets get the schmmfff out of here.
2. I'm bleeding! Why did you schmmfff me so brutally?
3. That's a schmmfffing '93 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer!
4. Schmmffffff! (multiple f's exaggerate more emotion)
5. After downing the rook bottle of Captain Morgan, I could not stop schmmfffing around.
by Vince Young September 11, 2005

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Essentially used as a placeholder for different words depending upon the situation. Although widely used, few understand its original meaning, which has led to its widespread use. Although only allowed for use by veterans, many rooks and weaksauce non vets try to attain schmmfff status.
Live to Schmmfff
Hey have you schmmfffed yet?
awww schmmfff!
by S. McGee December 28, 2005