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the coolest last name that will ever happen in the history of the universe. If you're a schmitt everyone will want to talk to you and be your friend.
"wow! you're so cool, you must be a schmitt or something!"
by osh posh May 27, 2008
Another word for "gay". In reference to Saturday Night Live skit involving Adam Sandler and the late Chris Farley.
Schmitt's Gay.
by Sic2bSic December 12, 2008
A loser who annoys people to either A) get what they want or B) get attentiion, someone who doesn't know what NOT to say and is generally very obnoxious.

It is also a last name witch btw if your last name is schmitt, thats a GOOD thing, in fact a lot of people including me) wish their last name was schmitt so please don't get annoyed by this(;
He took my phone and ran away with it because he knew I would run after him. He's such a Schmitt.

She told him my secret so I had to yell at her. What a schmitt!
by Fernanalicialoca July 03, 2011
To nag someone until they give in to your demands.
Stop schmitting me about the homework and go find out your own damn self!
Oh, shit! He done schmitt it and quit it!
by lawyercat December 07, 2010
1. a softcore schmuck
2. a substitute word for shit
1. who you callin shmitt you schmuck?!
2. hey, you chicken schmitt!
by voodoogirl420 September 11, 2005
to suck a dick for attention.
she gave him a schmitt last night.
by lroach May 05, 2008
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