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A happy squeal used by John Lennon on the day he came back form the dead.
I'm off to see our Yoko, schmickles!
by Chimbles September 01, 2003
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Used to rejoice or used as a curse. Can only be uttered by a resurrected John Lennon of supergroup, The Beatles...
"Heavens Crap! Can you imagine that? Ohhh... Schmickles!"
by The Admiral November 13, 2003
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An almost tickle. When someone starts to tickle you but doesn't actually do it. Often when someone says they aren't going to tickle you, the schmickle is the end result. It is usually just a touch without the actual tickle action but drives you crazy anyway.
Just touching my foot schmickles so don't do it!
by Alex's girl March 06, 2007
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