Similar to meh. Not caring. Unwillingness to take heed of a suggestion.
"Do some study!" "Schmeh"
by Hal Redbrick July 24, 2003
Top Definition
A word used when nothing else is worth saying
" I have small arms" " SCHMEH"
by Nicolas Barbeau November 01, 2003
Similar to shmeh, meh, and bah, schmeh refers to a lack of a coherent answer to a posed question. Usually used at the beginning or end of a phrase or sentence. Can be used to express feelings of cowardice, confusedness, weariness, and indifference.
Subject A: So why can't you dunk?
Subject B: Well...I have short arms...shmeah!
by maddhopzz November 14, 2003
to use as a word to replace the expression "huh?"

P.s i made up this version of the word because my cat always goes "meh?" and i thought it was pretty cool and added sch.
person 1: I just ate this entire rhinoceros leg
person 2: Schmeh?
by Lyndon K February 21, 2008
similar to "mer" a word when no others come to mind, an expression of surprise, shock, unhappiness, a questioning sound, just about anything, really...
It was know...schmeh..
by tweak August 04, 2003
Used as an exclamation. Can mean pretty much anything.
Teacher: And then the Chlorophyll....
Person 1: Chlorophyll, more like BOREOPHYLL
Person 2: SCHMEH
by José Quesadilla April 01, 2009
Very similar snd almost synominous with meh and eh schmeh

1) A responce to showing that the speaker is indifferent (not bothered either way).

2) A reponce meaning one of, or a combination of several of the following: 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', or many others.

3) Often given as a responce or shouted at inappropriate times, especially by young people, to irritate others.
1) Kid 1 - "Did you enjot the film?"
Kid 2 - "Schmeh."

2) Kid 1 - "You want to come to my house later?"
Kid 2 - "Schmeh."

3) Teacher - "Now lets begin class."
Kid - "Schmeh."
by Goughy May 28, 2007
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