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Yiddish: A lame, ineffectual, or pussy-whipped woman of a man.
I can't take that schmageggy seriously while he's gesticulating so wildly.
by Ma Dwallace January 10, 2006
30 9
used to describe some random guy
look at dat schmageggy walking around there
by Ninjalo March 08, 2004
10 1
everything (like 'the whole nine yards,) New York City usage, circa 1960
I had to listen to the whole schmageggy
by J. Schwartz December 18, 2004
5 6
when an inexperienced chef makes scrambled eggs that have been cooked to the point of liquidisation.
"i made you schmageggy on toast, johnny"
by umbie March 22, 2004
4 6