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noun. Stylishly outstanding; smart or chic
Those boots are so schick!
by aimeesome October 07, 2007
1. something that is radically cool
2. often coincides with the phrase awlschiemn
3. sometimes used in a sarcastic connotation
1. Wow that poke check was schick
2. Schick i lost again, awlschiemn..
3. That wave was schick did u see that Jit?
by flexico January 23, 2007
Where a girl likes you and wants something special but stops talking to you and wants nothing to do with you out of nowhere.
I started going out with this girl and things were working but turns out she was a total Schick.
by SwifterDryJet June 30, 2014
off spring of a retard and a dumbfuck!!!!
your a fucking schick!!
by dirtylonghorn January 24, 2008
Someone who thinks that the word "flanger" is cool.
Schick : Im posted up on a flanger
Normal person : damn your a fag
by legin September 12, 2007
A baller who is also extremely homosexual
Robert: Hey Jason Schick, how goes the ballin'

Jason Schick: Great, god your hot, lets hook up
by Deflax25 January 14, 2011

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