an event that occurs every season the calgary flames make the playoffs, in which one young man, lures a young lady into a bathroom stall, by telling her he has to poop, while her response is often, "Can I join you?"
D: hey baby, your so sexy, i gotta poop REAL bad
S: oh my, your making me wet, let me come with you
D: guys or girls?
S: guys
D: Can you make farting noises during?
S: I wouldn't have it any other way
D: This gives me a boner almost as hard as in physics
S: P=MV baby, P=MV
by 2nd Stall on the Right April 24, 2005
verb - to hit in the balls.

or - to get pwned.
schank got schanked!
by hmm!? October 05, 2006
A trendy hangout location during hockey playoff time, where a male and a female converge towards a human waste disposal cubicle.
Guy: "I'm going to Schanks to poop"
Gal: "Did you say poop?"
Guy: "Hell ya I did!"
Gal: "Meet you there"
by DJC April 22, 2005
schanks - A place of gathering, for people who enjoy sports. Known particularly well for its roomy pooper stalls.
B: "I'm at schanks, and I gotta go to the pooper."
G: "Can I come to the pooper with you?"
B: "Sure babe."
by D.J.C. April 21, 2005
The word 'schank', in english, is the same as 'x' in algebra, the word is to be interpreted by the listener.
Im schanking.
-Im walking.
He schanked it really well.
-He kicked it really well.
by Harry Brown February 17, 2008

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