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A trendy hangout location during hockey playoff time, where a male and a female converge towards a human waste disposal cubicle.
Guy: "I'm going to Schanks to poop"
Gal: "Did you say poop?"
Guy: "Hell ya I did!"
Gal: "Meet you there"
by DJC April 22, 2005
To take your hand and wipe it in your sweaty ass-crack, then take your hand and wipe it on your opponents upper lip.
You totally got smacked with a Cheifbuttachee.
by DJC September 15, 2003
a homie dats skilled in dark art n cult shiz.
ohhh fukk.. where mai apocalypticflood.
by DjC August 16, 2003
A term used for the l33t warcraft 3 & capcom vs snk player.
I am an imaginihs.
by DjC July 14, 2003

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