The name people give to other people who joined a certain fashion later than themselves.
Get over yourselves you cunts, no one cares about how you dress or what music you like. You're as much a scenester as anyone.
by Danyes August 10, 2006
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A person, usually part of a group, or a person who - more importantly - WANTS to be part of a group who defines there inner character by their outer appearence. Subsequently creating a paradox and consequent void in their personality.

Most scenesters model themselves on a certain stereotypical person from a certain window in popular culture for example 'Mods', 'Punks', 'Hardcore', 'Beatniks', 'New Ravers' etc. Most scenesters base themselves on band members from their selected type of music. Despite 'Indie Rockers' being the classical 'scenester' in Britain 'Mods' seem to be taking over.

The true problem of scenster behaviour is that it is throughly based in the superficial. Scenesters only hang around with equally scene people and rate ,compliment and base their friendships on how good (or mostly ridiculous) each other look. The weirder and more original the better. 'Original' here however refers to something you have seen on another and copied whilst avoiding others discovering what idea you stole.

A few popular 'Original' looks include:

* Blunt Fringes
* American Apparel Clothing
* Red lipstick on Women
* Skinny Jeans on Men
* Vintage Clothing worn simultaneously resulting in Time Warp appearence
* Woody Allen glasses
* Berets
* Charity shopping items
* Being Heroin Chic skinny

Some non Mod scensterisms

* Shiny Leggings
* Florescent T-shirts from the 80's
* Androgyny
* Fake Bling
* As many clashing patterns and colours as you can get away with.

Personally my favourite aspect of the scenester is the vocabulary which tends to be stunted and abbreviated beyond apprehension. A smart scenester will make their own code words so that they can be totally 'original'

Popular scenesterisms include

*The sex
*Uber ( + anything i.e. Ubercool, Uberhot, Uberfun )
* Le (the french word) before an English Noun.
* J'adore (again stolen from the french)
'Oh my god, did you get that from AA? It's Uberhot. I was going to get a scoop but I J'adore the high necks. I'm not a scenester though...'
'Your clothes are hurting my eyes.'

'He's so horrible, he touched my hand when I handed him le money'
'But hes only a cashier'

by Tonka Miller August 22, 2008
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The scenester is a male, female, or an "it" usually falling between the ages of 16-21. At the core of their lifestyle is their apparent love for music, usually of an obscure genre. Their clothing and attitude reflects their taste in music. Scenesters usually migrate in groups, most of them are the same person, and therefore look very similar. The typical scenester wears a t-shirt usually from Hot Topic (although the more "conformist" scenesters go to Stitches) and a pair of tight jeans. Their accessories include awkward headwear, oversized aviators, plastic jewelry, and the scenester can often be seen with a cigarette at hand. Scenesters, as the name suggests, are the first to hop onto a bandwagon - whether it's longboarding or the new drug. Scenesters found on the internet have usernames typically consisting of two words seperated by an "x." Members of this species usually travel in mid-90's sedans in large numbers. Scenesters are often mistaken for their more common, upbeat cousin - the hipster.
Gatekeeper: "Are you guys here to see the drifters?"

Scenester: "Sure are." (Takes short drag on cigarette.)

Scenester 1: "Goin' to the Rise Against concert?"

Scenester 2: "Fuck you!"

Scenester 3: "Fuck!"
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An individual who partakes in 'myspace' trends, while obtaining mild obscurity fashion taste, and claiming to be unique, while hanging out with people that look exactly the same. Some modern day trends have de-evolutionized this idiocy to a new level and they are as follows:


tight pants; usually girl pants

slip-on shoes such as vans

the XS hoodie with a band that they don't even listen to but bought it at a show, cause it looked cool

posting on bulletins:
w4wing, pc4pc, s4s (whore 4 whore)(picture comment 4 picture comment) (sign 4 sign)
or some train called 'HORRIFIC PERFECTION' with pictures of people at their best angles.

Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Diamonds, Bats paraphernalia

Covering your face with as much hair as possible (To make yourself look a lot more attractive than you already are)

Having Drop Dead and/or Bring Me The Horizon on your Top Friends.

Going to shows and gossiping about other scenesters.

Usually wearing black band shirts.

Making a gang and telling everyone to post it on their myspace.

Hector Horrid - Chris Contagious is soooo popular he has 4782462 friends.

Amanda Anesthetic - AND HE'S ON AP|VIP|DS|NP|OK!!!

Hector Horrid - He's a way better scenester than me. =
by AlexanderEMPIRE December 23, 2007
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Any kid who would rather spend their Friday night on myspace whining to their friends about how they have nowhere to go or nothing to do.

Typically found wearing whatever shitty trend that is current at the mo. Right now that would be taking pictures of themselves in different angles, even "cooler" if done in black and white. Also like polkadots, headbands, phrases like "guns that go bang bang", "Lyke you're so electrikk" and "I'M A DINOSAUR!". Claim to be "noncomformists" and of course they're just oh-so-unique, because almost every single one of their friends looks just like them.

You can't be scene without adding a second letter to the end of every word and bastardizing the ampersand.

Categorized by whoring the "¢¾" hearts at the end of every message and writing "cute" little comments at the end of their post. "Let's cut our hearts open and dance in the bloody mess." Like you would REALLY do that? Psh you don't have the balls to use a gun. Emo pussy.

Stereotypically, are known for their melancholy nature, like to cut to "emo music" which is really just a pathetic excuse for music, its only about the image and screaming into a microphone. Like to whine about their problems and make suicide threads when in reality their so called "problems" aren't really there; in fact, chances are they're a middle class white kid living in a suburban area, one FAR from the ghetto so NO they are NOT "gansturr".

Tend to form superficial, meaningless relationships and the cycle only starts over every time someone "breaks their porcelain, fragile little emo heart." They like to whine, cry, and sing about a breakup when in reality chances are the relationship was never really there.

The unofficial motto of emos seems to be "the more you look like me, the more EMO and scene you are. And we can be RAD that term was out by the 90s, you pussy. Stop living in the past. and have hot sex together." And then you'll be "the sex". Hahahahahah. Stupid shits.

In other words, what is emo?

...Ignorant little sheep that are easily controlled and possess greasy, black untaimed hair.

Its only a matter of WHEN this stupid trend will go out of style, but then the scenesters and emos will just evolve into something new to hate. You just can't win.
Ex 1: We're so scenester, and like emoxcore, kthxbye.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Stupid emo little pussys.
by Emo Stomper July 09, 2006
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-A girl or guy
-black choppy hair dyed blonde red or neon in a random place
-septum ring
-plastic jewelry
-biig sunglasses
-lotz of makeup

'The scene' is a controvesy among teens today. Most people are just jealous of these radd kidds.
Scenesters focus is fasion and a specific type of music (alternative, indie, rock, metal, etc.)
Scenesters go to shows a lott.

The Scene fashion consits of:

little kid shirts
tight jeans
lots of makeup and plastic jewelry
for girls

thight band tees
drainpipe jeans
for guys

XxXIBlEEDforUXxX: OMFG theres a RADD show tonight
bangxcore: shoot son you know imma be there
XxXIBlEEDforUXxX: wat r U wearin
bangxcore: wtff cunt
XxXIBlEEDforUXxX: to thee show
bangxcore: aww sorry i thot you wer a perv
XxXIBlEEDforUXxX: aww i love u to you are so radd <3
bangxcore: u da 2nd coolest scenester eva <3
XxXIBlEEDforUXxX: bitch go die kthxbai
by scenexcorefolife August 07, 2006
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To quote another definition:

If you consider yourself emo and listen to Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, All-American rejects, or Hawthorne Heights then your probably a scenesters for you follow a so-called trend or in this case scene.

Now here's something to chew on kiddies:

Much as I hate labels let's say I am a prep and I listen to the Sex Pistols. Does that make me punk? I think not.

Now let's say I am emo and happen to listen to one of the bands named above. Does that make me a poser?

Especially if I never claimed that the band was emo, I simply enjoy the music.

It's kind of sad that our characters should be judged by what kind of music we listen to. Maybe we should get to know people before we judge them.
Girl thinks of me and my friends as scenesters because we wear lots of black clothes, make up, and nail polish, and like metal, and punk rock.

Girl is stupid enough to voice her opinion.

I punch her in her face and tell her to learn a little bit more about me before she goes judging me because I SEEM to fit into a certain stereotype.
by DeLana July 16, 2006
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