Scenesters are effectivelyh people who follow any trend that has become 'cool'. For example, guys have started to wear black shirts, red ties, skinny black jeans and Converse because bands like My Chemical Romance or Green Day do. While it may be acceptable to dress preppily/smartly if you actually go to gigs, listen to non-mainstream music and actually involve yourself within a scene, scenesters just pretend to so that they can boast about their unbelievably cool state of indie or emo over everyone else.
Indie Scenester: 'Do you know about The Block Party? They're going to be HUGE, like, seriously bigger than Franz Ferdinand, but I don't like Franz anymore since they became big.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Yeah, I saw them live back in 2003 supporting Interpol.'

Indie Scenester: 'Aren't Interpol that band that don't speak in their songs? God, instumentals speak to me in so many more ways that singing does.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Whatever.' *Sighs*

Emo Scenester: 'OMFG I fucking LOVE MCR, they r the best band since Green Day cos the singer is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!! <3'

Both Indie Kids: 'Shut up.'

Emo: *Cries*
by Gabriel, Thee Indie December 11, 2005
Another form of popular or cool person starting at the age of twelve.scenesters shop at the most in brand name stores like Off The Wall ,American eagle,and West 49 .They each seem be different in style but really they think the same .humour is a big part there social life.nexopia is a favourite among scenesters because it allows them to fluant ther so called cool personallitys.
scenester girl:your a freak

normal person:why?

scenester:because you just randomly started saying things to sheri.
that isn't cool.
(sheri is her scenester friend who enjoys saying oh em gee and describing things that shed rather not do as barfing in an old man pants and make him dance.A common behavior of scenesters)
by Aberdeen November 20, 2006
A scenster is practiaclly anybody
thse days. It's almost impossible
not to be scene. Most people say
scenesters are just vain fucks
that failed at being emo, which
isn't true. It's just a fashion;
NOT a personality.

Just because I myself wear
tight jeans, & band shirts, everybody
labels me as scene, or an emo kid.

Seriously, go fuck yourself, quit
stereo-typing everything & following
the trend of hating so called "scene kids"
It doesn't make you cool; your just as
bad as us "scene kids" & following
other trends. :D
Kid: *Walking down the street in tight jeans*

Fuck-tard: *Person who looks EXACTLEY the same* FUCKING SCENESTER!"

Who the hell does that?
You probably dress the
same way everybody else does.
by ihateyourmother July 31, 2006
synonym for big loser.
That girl is such a scenester; she goes to shows just to look cool and has the same haircut as all the other scenesters.
by danerr July 15, 2004
someone who is filty rich, is into mainstream, and big puffy coats with fur along the hood. wears straight leg jeans, cartoon tees, and vans slip ons. They tend to use words like 'aight' 'rawr' and phrases like 'shoot me in the face now' 'kay, thanks' and 'go slit your wrists now'
Me: dude, you are such a scenester!
Shelby: kay, thanks, i already knew that, aight. i'm a dinosaur that says rawr, so go slit your wrists now.
by xxjessikaxxbiatchxx November 20, 2006
A scenester is the new form of preppy. Judging by looks and popularity alone, defines one person of being their friend. Following the leader, these "scene" people often go to local shows where the music is terrible and people get angry if you decide to go into the moshpit and actually HIT someone instead of some form of retarded breakdancing these losers call "moshing." Often seen wearing clothes with The Nightmare Before Christmas or any type of local band shirt, they think that they are being different. But in fact, their entire social life is based on myspace and following what a single person is doing because they want to be as cool as they are.
I would never want to go to a scenester's show because i is full of retarded breakdancing and the new form of preps.
by Immoral Jester March 12, 2006
*used to have short choppy hair
*now have long curled hair with bangs that are super
short, straight accross their forehead
*tapered pants
*hard core
*layered tops
*rite aide shoes
*made 'leggings' the "in" style
*made 'oversixed' sun glasses the "in" style
*all rave about myspace
*don't like being called "scene"
{me} oh my gosh! catherine tan you scenester!
{her} dang it! i hate scenesters!
{me} you don't even know who they are!
{her} . . .
by Valerie "AZN-yeti" July 04, 2006
is a style that mean people like to call kids that dress a certian way
many get called"mullet head""scenney weeny" and many other degrading words
ha not really but its a annoying
people say we all dress the same but its very not true
cause if that was than gangster and billy and other style are the same
you see
many are determined by
-black hair cut in strange ways
-pants that are so tight there like really tight
-bands shirts normally in youtsizes(not many big scenes)
-lots and lots of eyeliner
-flats or shoes that they bought for 5.00$ and then painted
-you see them at many random places and venues
-they listen to many metalcore grindcore hardcore etc bands
-they will tell you there not scene
-they just might kick your ass if you call them emo
-chipped nail polish in random colors
-big bags
-white leather bealts
-underage smoking problems
-tends to drink alot
-on a street team and or band
-little girl bows and other clips in hair
-pomade shine spray hairspray peaicer and hairstraightner are a must
-many wash there hair once every 5-7 days
-cell phonessssssss
-music device
much more
you ppl like to say they are following a trend but lets face it no matter what your following a trend like or not and most of them are just like you so dont hate on us for dressing a certian way
"your se that emos hair"

"what you talking about shes "scenester"
by asrfafh November 16, 2006
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