Stolen by another school. Used when you have moved away from where you are supposed to be into another classroom where the scenery is better
AxT and Plex went to use the printers in the textiles room to admire the scenery
by AxTng1 April 16, 2005
Top Definition
Attractive men/women in one's immediate surroundings.
The scenery always improves when John/Jill enters the room.

John: Scenery is on her way over!
Josh: You mean Jill? Sweet!
by ChrisL101 May 21, 2007
A cumbrian slang term for cannabis , invented by mezza graves it is one of the most commonly used nicknames for cannabis in keswick and then surrounding areas! cuz keswicks all that picturesque shit! laaart
smoke some scenery and admire the greenery!
by mezza graves April 12, 2008
Term used by reynolds high students to discribe a cute butt or boy. started by a sophmore emily it is used offten and most male's dont know what it acctually means. it is said that if you are in a relationship your stuck in a room with no windows and everythings the same.
oh look at the scenery over there!

ima go this way, the scenery is nice.

i would like to be a part of that scenery
by Emmy April 13, 2004
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