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8 definitions by AxTng1

The irritating derivation of English for when you are getting charged per letter: The sentence "Greetings friend, what is it that you intend to do later tonite?" Could be translated into: "hi m8 wht u doin 2nite". Frequently used with mobile phones but increasingly online, eg. Instant Messaging. YOU CAN TYPE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT ON MESSENGER!
"im goin ou wiv me m8s l8r, u wan cum wiv us vere gunna b fit ladz"

"soz m8 cnt cum 2nite coz m givin birf agen innit"
by AxTng1 February 24, 2005
28 3
Derived from taffaard (Take A Flying Fuck At A Rolling Donut)

1)An imperative insult
2)One who is a total dickhead/wanker/fuckup (stupid & idiotic doofus)
1): guy A) Fuck off!

2) guy A pushes guy B into mud, LOLs and then guy A trips over his own shoelaces
by AxTng1 February 02, 2004
10 2
A Windows FP (Fisher-price) user who is beginning to see the Light of Linux.
A Gentoobe. One who is about to be seduced by a GNOME.
by AxTng1 August 22, 2004
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No, it's just something someone made up to stop all the machines going nuts and rebelling...
Nothing at all like human heaven...
by AxTng1 September 13, 2004
5 7
See above. Also bears a similarity to the THIEF slang "taffer".
Thief is a really good game
by AxTng1 September 22, 2004
3 6
me. AxTng1. This kind of thing does not need to be on urbandictionary.com
Pay no attention to the "remove" button just there.
by AxTng1 September 01, 2004
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Stolen by another school. Used when you have moved away from where you are supposed to be into another classroom where the scenery is better
AxT and Plex went to use the printers in the textiles room to admire the scenery
by AxTng1 April 16, 2005
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