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a scene teenager; mainly a scene kid who goes to shows mainly to just say they went.
Did you go to that TDWP show last night?
Yah d00d there was a ton of sceneagers there smoking their cergets and carrying on.
by nnnataliiie March 24, 2008
Proto-scenester or teenage emo/screamo scene kid who may or may not wear tight girl pants, child-small-skin-tight black t-shirts and "punk" stud belts. Can be found at house shows, coffee shops near high schools, at Hot Topic and in
A gaggle of 25 punks, sceneagers and freaks went to Wal-Mart for a dance party on the busiest shopping weekend of the year.
by Noel Black December 28, 2005
teens who are scene
look at those sceneagers listening to scremo!
by romina miranda January 28, 2009
A scene teenager.
Someone that is into fashion, trends, music, and coffee.

A scene-ager is not emo because emo is music and people cannot be music. So anyone that claims to be 'emo' is just someone that is a poseur.

Scene-agers tend to have a backwards mullet or have long hair, mostly straight, and cover either the left or the right eye.
They also tend to shop online and not reveal where they shop.
Scene-agers also may shop at thrift stores for that extra touch.

Scene-agers also tend to be very music-orientated. They know many, many bands and they probably will make fun of your for you listen to "bad" music.

Scene-agers also tend to be stuck-up people who make fun of everyone and anyone for a variety of music whether it's for your taste in music or fashion to the way you style your hair.

Most scene-agers have a myspace and go on the computer a lot and take many pictures from a variety of angles and give the 'peace' sign with edge.

Scene-agers tend to be vegetarians/vegans or support animals rights.

Scene-agers often say things like 'SUP NIGGA' or 'KTHNXBAI' or something along those lines.

Also, I am not trash talking about anyone or anything and I'm sorry if I offend you.
When used in a sentence this is how it would be used:
Kristofer and Katie are scene-agers.
The scene-ager went to Starbucks.
The scene-ager went to see his/her favourite band live in concert.
by Kristofer MB November 07, 2006

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