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Similar to pwnage, sceneage means to own, but for scene people.
When hearing a typiacal remark about a scene person, you would use sceneage after that, to show how the scene person is owning at being scene.
It can also be used as the opposite; to show how the normal person found a scene person in bad luck. Then the scene person would be sceneaged.
Melissa Mahyem: Ohemgee, so im going down to the Unofficial Audrey Kitching Extension Shop to buy more striped extensions.
Chelsea Chokehold: Why? What happened to yours?
Melissa Mahyem: Well my dorkey little twat of a brother comes in and hes all 'lolusuck' and im all 'wtf stfu' and then he grabbed my extensions and ate them. im like 'wtf thats hair you dipwad.'
by melinaaa February 24, 2007
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