Scene wannabes are the chubby girls or boys that want to be as pretty and respected as the actual scene girls or boys.

Scene wannabe girls look like:
-Hair thats pretty short and choppy but just long enough to tell they're a girl.
-short skirts with skin-tight black leggings, or tight jeans that make them look bigger.
-old lady looking shirts that are probably from the 80s and bought at goodwill. may possibly have patterns that little kids like such as dinosaurs and rainbows.
-most definitely have polka-dots somewhere on them and bows in their hair.
-boobs, as disgusting as this is for fat people, WILL be hanging out.
-they're myspace pictures has them bending over and a scribble on their cleavage or they are sitting on the toilet with their pants down or taking naked bath pictures.
-slip on shoes with cute little animals.
-beaded necklaces
-sunglasses too big for their face.
-scream about peeing their pants when they laugh too hard.

Scene wannabe boys look like:
-They have hair that goes over their eyes but they're so horrible at doing their hair that the rest looks dried out and gross.
-skin tight pants with holes in them and their fat hangs over the top.
-shirts that are way too small,a nd you can see the roll of fat going over the top of their jeans.
-boxers hanging out.
-sunglasses too big for their face.
My example is:
take a look around you, you see a fat scene wannabe kid, they're not really scene, they're trying to be.
Scene is supposed to be HOTT
Top Definition
little 12/13 year old girls who think they are scene because they listen to panic! at the disco and wear bead necklaces. they try to look older but it fails and end up looking like little sluts with lots of makeup and short skirts etc etc.
some scene wannabe girls walk past...

real scene kid 1: i bet they bum panic! at the disco
real scene kid 2: yeah they suck
by heavy metaler July 02, 2006
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