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wanting to be scene, emo, gothic.
it's what other people call you when they don't want you to be scene, emo, or gothic.
Jake ; "you made me depressed"
Me ; "stfu, and stop being scemoic"
by Elmo & Ema March 29, 2011
Scemoic is a adjective that describes someone/something as Scene (sce), Emo (mo) and Epic (ic). Combining all three words scene, emo and epic; will give you Scemoic!
*Girl walks out of Hot Topic's dressing room with all black dress, lace gloves, blue and black hair extensions, dark make-up and goth jewelry*

Girl: "How do I look?"

Boy: "You look very scemoic... It's amazing and I like it!"<3

Girl and Boy: *Hugs*


*walks into goth room*

Girl: *Gazes around* -Gasp in excitement- "This room is so Scemoic!"
by The muffin man! October 22, 2011