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someone who you smoke up all the time, and then do not return the favor when they have weed of their own
Josh is such a scav, I let him get some hits of my weed like 5 times last week, now he has weed and won't share.
by Blunt Master Willy P October 14, 2007
29 24
n. a relentless beggar.
Mike's a total scav. He eats crisps off the floor
by Pecan Pie April 25, 2004
53 32
(proper) noun; pejorative, informal.

The act of making absolutely no sense in one's arguments.
1. "You're being a real scav right now."

2. "You're totally scavin' my ass with that logic."

3. "Wow, that was a scav. Big time."
by The Wordsmith f/k/a Prince November 06, 2012
20 12
Someone who takes/asks for things off others because they cant afford/get their own.
Gosh shes a scav.
by roryhere2010 December 26, 2010
10 7
a honking cheesy anal opening
hey your scav seriously needs a wash . ring brown bit FUDGE BOX]
by hamish mcstuff August 19, 2011
4 12
Someone who stands next to the canteen waiting to catch someone recieving change, and attack as soon as they exit the line.
usually a senior student at high school victimising a junior student.
"Why's he always hanging round the canteen?"
"coz he's a scav why do you think?"
by imsick September 08, 2005
15 24
Short for scavenger hunt.
"We're doing a scav tonight, wanna come?"
by xpachex March 23, 2007
10 34