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A person who does not believe in a scat. Most of these may be classified under the following definitions:

1) Aggressive scatheist: attacks other people with scat. Often brings up the insensitive and ignorant fact that scat is merely refuse from the body and therefore is useless; ignoring the fact that it can be used for fertilizer, to fuel fires and even baked in rotating kilns (such as at a plant managed by the Mass Water Resources Authority in Boston) to kill germs and make pellets that are manufactured into organic lawn fertilizers. Aggressive scatheists are often relentlessly violent with their scat (throwing, smearing, smothering and fornicating are the preferred actions of agressive scatheists).

2) Passive/tolerant scatheist: does not believe in scat but accepts that others do. Does not usually bring up the fact unless attacked for being an scatheist.

Jake: "April, you're full of shit!"

April: "Actually, I'm not, you see I'm an agressive scatheist and I tend to empty my bowels every morning for a ritualistic fornication practice with my scat. It's a messy job but someone's got to do it!"
by brentionary March 27, 2009
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