something that makes u shit urself.
that was fucking scary, i shit myself
by Yoda April 28, 2003
not doing something because are afraid. it defines ur actions.
why you being scary????
she's hella scary
by ashley p April 02, 2005
To be scared of someone or someting
That nigga looks scary.

Dont be scary you bitch.
by Jay Day March 16, 2008
allwayz scared bout sumthin
or scared at tha moment
or paranoid
dang man y u so scary
man dat boi scary
by fhifnvjfbvhjfbvhfbgyhef September 06, 2008
the way somebody acts
" damn nigga, why you acting scary? go talk to that gurl!"
by lil habesha August 03, 2003
.someone who acts shy or shady
.someone who cant fight
a white girl hangin around a group of black girls all the time doin what they say
by Darcie December 06, 2003

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