To turn someone on to the TV series Farscape, an activity carried out by Scapers.
Lenore scaped a lot of people at the gaming convention when she showed the goth kids that the character Chiana dressed just like them.

Hey, how's it going? Scape anyone lately?
by whisky May 12, 2005
Top Definition
A view of something; something to look at; e.g. landscape
He thinks I'm his scape
by palliative May 09, 2006
1. scape Noun. A scape is someone who is very stingy and ungenerous with their weed but will be more than happy to pack the fattest bowl or roll the fattest joint of someone else's weed. can be used for people who are stingy with anything. e.g. money, food, cigarettes, ect. They are also very sneaky will try to steal anything, even from their friends.
see weedscape & jew

2. scaped Verb. to steal, to cheat or scam someone, to rip off, to jew someone
1. Fucking scape wouldn't pass my joint until he got like 10 hits.

2. My entire quad was scaped at that sesh after school.
by SolaceInSolitude July 29, 2009
a scape is when you get with or marry a female that already has kids.
mike: hey toke you see that guy he just pulled a scape.
by mikeyterror June 21, 2009
A bond shared between a group of mates who aren't related, but blood couldn't make them any closer.
jScape: sScape, I killed your family.
iScape: All good bro, i'll say i did it.
sScape: I forgive you both AND i'll help you do your time.
by iScape December 21, 2009
The act of rubbing the genitalia on the skin of a partner. It cannot be coitus or entering any other orifice on the body; it has to be strictly genital to skin contact.
Erik Steen told his roomate Patrick what the definition of "scape" was. Henceforth, Patrick refuses to have sex with his girlfriend, and insists that he scapes her good and proper. She deserves it though, because she farted on him while watching TV.
by itslikekuo December 09, 2004
the entire act of scapegoating. more.. the plan.
They're gonna work this scape out til I'm dead.
by forfuckssakegivemeaname December 04, 2009
Used as a Verb,

Meaning:fuck this, let's leave.
Brittany's party was hella lame, so I scaped and went to Michelle's.
by MiCHELLE JACKS August 22, 2006
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