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Someone who leads on a internet scammer in order to waste their time and resources.
The mugu had no idea that his victim was actually a scambaiter.
by Willy Stroker March 20, 2005
A person who responds to fraudulent emails in an attempt to waste a scammers time.
I am a scam baiter who likes to waste nigerian scammers time so that they have less time to scam people.
by BurritoMS March 20, 2006
Someone who misrepresents themself to a e-mail scammer. The desired result is either to impair the scammer's ability to work on other scams, or to wholesale counter-scam them.
One scammmer lost thousands of dollars buying Anus brand laptops from a very good scambaiter.
by Andrew April 07, 2005
A person on the internet who attempts to 'scam scammers,' by replying to scam emails claiming to fall for the scam, but use various methods to avoid sending money. A scambaiter will often attempt to extract photographs from a scammer, of them holding up a sign, but it is believed innocent people off the street are sometimes forced by the scammer to pose for the photographs, so photograhs are discouraged in many circles. Another discouraged practice in scambaiting is the illegal act of getting money from the scammer trying to get money from you, which is nothing more than hypocritical.
A scambaiter sent somebody to collect a money transfer countless tmes, but didn't send any money.
by Ivor S. August 01, 2005
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