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A barhag whore, you'd never really date her. Also known as a "scally" or "scallies", they are good to have around at parties and good to occasionally hook up with. They're usually okay with this, no drama involved.

A scalywag is the opposite of a carpetbagger.
There were a bunch of scalywags in that bar last night.
He hooked up with some random scalywag.
by JordanP January 05, 2006
Morally casual women.
I was chilling with my boy Dinges at the bar and he said, "Yo J, lets find some scalywags, I'm trying to get my D wet".
by AppState828 September 22, 2008
When a woman gives a blow job while sitting on a heineken bottle.
Did you see brandon with that scalywag at the party last night?
by atown84 October 07, 2009
A scalywag is the extra skin that is located at the bottom of the ball sac(scrodum)area.
My scalywag is chafed from the cold weather.
by MTJ December 05, 2006