The small area of skin that connects the lower underside of the penis with the scrotum or ball-sack. Often thought as the counterpart of the gooch, the scag is a typically dark, sweaty and often with a distinct musty smell, the scag is not a recomended place for any activity what-so-ever... Unless thats what your into.
"jesus christ it stinks of scag down here!"


"man, that is the greasiest scag i ever did see."
by hoonstar June 03, 2009
A young man from Dedham, MA. Known for having the first confirmed case of Type S Diabetes. Having Type S has always been difficult for Scag, he can't bate, can't drink alcohol and can't go south!
Jim: "Did you hear about Scag???"
Matt: "Yeah, he has the betes..."
Jim: "I heard the last time he tried to bate he broke his hip"
by Jim McBride October 19, 2008
To throw spite at someone
Hey Jay, look who just walked in it's Julie and Jackie. They seem angry. They look like they are going to scag us.
by Maureen Taylor April 11, 2008
A Cadillac Escalade. Synonym: Bush-mobile. So named because it is ugly and useless, like a grotesquely obese woman, and an expensive, absurd waste that costs the user up to a thousand dollars a day, like heroin.
When I drive my Mom's Scag to the gas station every day, all the girls in 11th grade think I am a playa. I am sure that is why they laugh and point when they see me.
by Johnt999999 July 24, 2006
A tooch
Stephen Sigala is a scag.
by Sigma Pledge10 February 18, 2009
a condom that has been ripped in 12 pieces, then dissolved in tea then, given to a large black man to drink out of an asain hooker's vagina.
dude did you see that niggah take that scag?
by shwa11 March 22, 2009
StarCraft Addicted Gamers
Hey i just got bsed by a dude from clan scag.
by Bloody(scag) April 29, 2006

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