A person that exhibits a disgusting appearance. Typically a female. They may be missing teeth and use the little money they have to buy lottery tickets. Sometimes they exhibit "Skanky" actions. They are normally older in age as well, and their clothes may be deteriorating "hag." So when you put those two words together, you get scag.
That lady is such a scag!
by Kelisimo March 09, 2009
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junk, heroin
damn this is some boss scag baby
by john November 14, 2003
Heroin, you know, the drug?
hey buddy, got any scag?
by robbie scott April 24, 2003
Skank + Hag= A formerly disreputable and often disheveled, wrinkly, and miserable worn-out dust rag of a woman, typically embittered about how unkind the aging process has been to them.

Sc has a much stronger look and sound than sk.
We were just about to shut the bar down the other night when these two scags stumbled in looking for some man-meat.
by threebird April 26, 2007
abbreviation of 'scumbag' meaning exactly that, or lowlife, cad, overall person of ill character. useful when avoiding expletives in potential road rage situations, and also used in 'Mad Max' the movie.
driver : that scag just cut me up at the roundabout!
passenger : yeah he was driving like a scag! asshole.
by globus January 16, 2008
Wenglish (Welsh - English) origin.

A small rip in something, such as material or skin.

"Ahh Shit, I scagged my tights"

"Oh no, I've got a scag in my dress"
"Ahh Shit, I scagged my tights"

"Oh no, I've got a scag in my dress"
by Welsh Spell-check June 08, 2009
a dirty slut, whore bitch
My ex-girlfriend is such a scag! She did 3 guy's last night!
by dixiedog November 18, 2003
A great word to use in any context it can be used to say almost anything, if this was a real word it would be the type of word that would be used to make up your wordcount in essays :)
shes such a scag whore
we're gonna scag it up (nick it)
we could always scag up Dunstable (hang around and beg for drink and friends or were gonna get drunk)
You are such a scag
They scagged us up
I was propa scagged up last night (really drunk)
Im going to meet my scag up kru (meeting the scags)
by Mitch Brooke January 24, 2007

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