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-verb (used with or without object) -dled -dling

1. to simultaneously spoon and cuddle with one's spouse
Let's scadoodle!

Jerry and Kelly scadoodled all night long.
by Aww sookie sookie now August 11, 2011
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For example, "let's take a scadoodle"

"okay you duhfuck
I mean dumbfuck"
by jessica October 28, 2003
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To ejaculate gallons of man juice onto foreign objects such as Ikea entertainment centers, rubix cubes, sporks, and or Italian style floors, or people such as Oprah, Bill Gates, and or John Stamos.
DUDE! Steve just scadoodled all over John Stamos! Classic!
by agsrvpni June 12, 2010
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Mixed art forms or multimedia.
Such as...if someone hand dyed fabric (1st art form, hand dying) and then created a garment/clothing out of it (2nd art form, sewing) that would be a Scadoodle.
Tim: Whoa! Check out the Scadoodle Sarah made!

Mark: Sweet man! Who knew you could make a shoe out of macaroni, paint it, and wear it? Sarah makes the most innovative Scadoodles!
by Kekerz March 07, 2009
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Scadoodles is a awesomely awesome way to say good bye. IT IS ALSO FOR RANDOM PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF!!!
Danika: Bye Sarah

Sarah/me: Scadoodles!!!

Or you could use it any other way!!!
by Sarah!!! January 06, 2005
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Sca/doo/dles- NOODLES!!
Brianna put the scadoodles in the pot and made a beautiful pot of Mac&Cheese.
by daisy95 August 13, 2011
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