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We can to! Whhhhoooop!!!!!!
Blue scadoo! we can too! Whooooppp!!
by Adam November 04, 2004
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To dance around and sing the "scadoo song" then jump and land into a 2d picture or object. This is usually done when people want to flee the police or when cute host-people want to follow there talking dogs into paintings for educational adventures.
Blue scadooed we can too! *dances obnoxiously and leaps headfirst into painting*
#blue's #clues #scadoo #blue #we #can #too #warping
by MammaMiaIamNikku January 19, 2009
another word for skeet; an explosion of man juice
i skadooed on that bitches face last night.
by drea-d May 23, 2005
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