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someone who helped ruin the british coal industry by crossing the pickets.

generally from nottinghamshire

mansfield town football supporters. scared to come and watch theyre team play darlington fc incase of reprisals
the scabs got theyre houses trashed for crossing the pickets...

(song at a football, or soccer game)

oh mansfield town is full of scabs, its full of scabs scabs and more scabs...
by chris hogg March 21, 2004
A worker, often temporary, who crosses a strikers' picket line, going to work in place of the strikers.
The scabs had their cars egged when they arrived at the factory.
by x January 31, 2003
Person who crosses a picket line out of choice
You fucking scab bastard.
by Captain Reh. April 01, 2003
Formed when platelets in the blood come in to contact with oxygen in the air. Irresistable to pick.
"I love picking scabs."
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
1. Verb: to obtain a good or money from someone for free by asking them.

2. Noun: a person who frequently obtains goods/money from others for free by asking them. See also 'tightarse'.

(Australian slang.)
1. "Don't invite Rob to the party, he'll just scab drinks off everyone."

2. "That guy is such a scab!"
by aneurysm1985 April 21, 2004
Someone willing to take a striking workers job because they couldnt have got the job otherwise.They care about no-one but themselves,have allegiance to no-one,including who they work for, and cannot see long term. They will take almost any abuse from their employer, and dont give a whit about their fellow workers.This is the true makeup of a scab.
"hey scab, who's boots you lickin today?"
by I. M. Enlightened June 24, 2007

Small 's'

1. A person who downloads content from a torrent site and re-uploads that material elsewhere without attribution, claiming the work as their own. Regarded as contemptible.

intr.v. scabbed, scab·bing, scabs

1. To become covered with scabs or a scab.
2. To work or decide to make your mark as a scab.

Middle English, from Old Norse skabb.
That bastage scab·bed some Tommy Cooper shows from our tracker and uploaded them again elsewhere to make it look like his own cap. Not cool.
by KeithMyArthe April 14, 2011
Any person (this means you Marilyn) who crosses a Union picket line.
Someone who wears a Union support shirt at work before the strike, then crosses the first day. Drives by striking workers without a glance. Then when all have gone home later go's outside and picks up a strike sign, and pretends she's on strike. Doing this; she go's down to the Union hall later and tries to pick up a strike check. Once you scab, you always will be a SCAB!!!!
by Union Striker October 03, 2005