Stands for: Short Bus Ridaz.
A quite scary gang spred out wherever short busses may be found.
Warring with both ADD and HK.
HK, which you may find when looking at many recent police reports, stands for Hello Kitty.
Nahh. We be fighting genst dem SBRs!
by i do know it all >< July 10, 2008
Top Definition
skype bong rip

when two people go on skype and take a bong hit at the same time. sbrs are often used with blaze brothers that are too far away to chill with.
guy 1: hey bro want to blaze?
guy 2: im really busy right now, but ill take an sbr
guy 1: be on in 5 mang!
by Johnathan Bobatch November 20, 2011
Silent but rosey, a fart by a girl
I think she just blew an SBR.
by California Genius December 06, 2010
Location to study and play games.
Derived from Smart Board Room.
Lets go hang out in the SBR.
by Jim December 11, 2003
short barrel rifle
I want to build an sbr,...
by DocHolliday15 July 16, 2008
teh 1337357 d00d in <5
whoa sbr u is teh l33test ever
by SBR January 28, 2004
Short barreled rifle, such as a sawed-off shotgun. Illegal in most states.
SBR means a rifle having an overall length of less than 26 inches.
by gracko July 26, 2008

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